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We build Muscle Cars! MetalWorks Classic Auto Restoration is Oregon's largest builder of Muscle Cars. In fact we are one of largest facilities in the Northwest. Mustangs, Camaro's, GTO's, Olds 442, Buicks, and Chevelle's are some examples of Muscle Cars we have built, repaired, or restored.

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Building Muscle Cars at MetalWorks Classic Auto Restoration in Eugene, Oregon. Speed, performance, and power were the what Muscle Cars built from the 1960s and1970s. These Muscle Cars can be extremely valuable to some collectors. The limited years they were produced adds to their value. Cars like the Camaro, GTO, Chevelle, Mustang, and Nova are also highly sought out by the speed, performance, and power loving crowd. As time goes by these classic Muscle Cars become even more valuable. Doing a complete restoration on most Muscle Cars can be very expensive. However, MetalWorks Classic Auto Restoration has a proven track record of owners being very satisfied with their return on investment.

The first step when planning the restoration of any Muscle Cars. Budget is where we like to begin. Starting with a basic outline of the car as it is currently and where each customer would like it to be in the end. Listing expenses for each step of the way, parts needed, time needed, materials required, wheels, tires, and anything else you can foresee at this point. We like to look at other Muscle Cars that are similar to for ideas and suggestions for each client. Early on we focus more on the underside than we do the outside visible things like color, wheels, tires, and interior.

muscle cars

Muscle Cars: Getting a restoration started. For the complete restoration of Muscle Cars we start with tearing in completely apart. Remove the body from the chassis, all the sheet metal parts, engine, everything. At MetalWorks Classic Auto Restoration we have a step up on most all other restoration shops in Oregon, the Northwest, and even across the nation. We have our own metal dipping / acid dipping business. We send the body, doors, hoods, deck lids, and other sheet metal to the metal dipping / acid dipping shop to remove the paint and rust. This process give us a very clean body and parts to begin the work with. We will also dip the cars frame to get rid of any rust and prep it for restoration.

Muscle Cars: The rebuilding begins. After the body and parts come back from the metal dipping (acid dipping) shop is when we really learn what we're working with. It's amazing sometimes what the sheet metal looks like after the acid dipping. Every once in awhile the body and parts are in excellent condition. However, most of the time what we find is all kinds of trouble spots. Either way at least we have nice, clean metal to start working with. At this point we move the body and parts to the fabrication shop. Most of the muscle cars we restore have needed at least a minimal amount of fabrication work.

Muscle Cars: The body shop. After the fabrication guys cut, weld, and grind what's needed we move the project to the body shop. The body shop guys first seal the metal to protect if from rusting. Then they begin the major task of working the body and parts to make sure everything is smooth and lined up prior to painting. The body working stage is one of the most time consuming and therefore costly part of any restoration project. Once the body work prep is complete the muscle cars move into the paint booth. Watching the color come to life on cars is always something fun to witness.

Muscle Cars: The suspension and power. With every muscle car project comes different desires for engine, transmission, brakes, suspension, wheels, and tires. We work closely with each customer to help guide them on what choices will work best for their desired outcome of their Muscle car. Heidts Hot Rod shop is where we go for most of the suspensions. For power we can rebuild the original engine or move to a new crated LS motor. Billet Specialties and Rocket Racing Wheels are who we generally go to first for wheels. We are the leading source for performance parts for Muscle Cars here in Eugene, Oregon. Call MetalWorks Classic Auto Restoration if you need anything for your Muscle Car.

Muscle Cars: Assembly. Putting the muscle to the car. It's the power and performance that Muscle Cars are all about. The assemble shop is where the power and performance parts are added to the frame. We will assemble everything possible so we are ready to add the body once the body shop work is complete. The final steps include matching the body to the chassis, bolting on any remaining parts, adding wiring, interior, and doing a final inspection.


Muscle Cars: Camaro. This Camaro we rebuilt completely from the ground up. Doing a full restoration of a muscle car like this no simple task. However, in the end you have basically a brand new car. Please see out projects page to view the steps we did when rebuilding this muscle car.


Muscle Cars: Mustang. This Mustang restoration created one hot muscle car. When this engine roars to life everyone around takes notice. We took this blue rusty car and built a beautiful monster muscle car. As with most projects the first step was metal dipping the body and parts so we could get a clean start. The owner had a tough time making his selection for what power to put under the hood. In the true fashion of Muscle Cars in the end he picked the more powerful engine. See the rebuilding process from start to finish in our projects section. Amazingly this car was originally bought here in Eugene, Oregon and lived it's entire life locally here in Eugene.


Muscle Cars: GTO. We have restored several GTO's here at MetalWorks Classic Auto Restoration. The rebuilding of GTO Muscle cars seems to lead two ways. The owner wants to return the car to it's original condition or turn it into a real beast. Check out the 1967 GTO on our projects page.


Muscle Cars: Olds 442. This is one of many "MetalWorks shop" cars. Building cars for the shop and not customers opens up our ability to be as creative as we want. This muscle car is going to be a real show piece when it's completed. The image here shows a rendition of the car when completed. Doing cars like this give us something to show off around Eugene, around Oregon, all over the Northwest.

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