Why buy your Art Morrison Chassis from MetalWorks?

At MetalWorks we center our builds on Art Morrison Chassis as they have taken the time to engineer the finest chassis’ on the market. From handling, to ride quality and stance, Art Morrison is the unquestioned industry leader in chassis for your classic car. We have years of experience working side by side with Art Morrison to design the very best chassis package possible for your classic car restoration project. This all sounds great, but leads to another question..why buy an Art Morrison chassis from us? Simply put, our experiences both good and bad have given us a lifetime’s worth of experience that we take with us into every project. Experience, not only with Art Morrison chassis, but with all the parts and pieces involved in the build. Ensuring your project is completed to your specifications, the first time.

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by Jon Mannila | Owner MetalWorks

Bare Chassis

Get in touch with us today to get a quote on a bare chassis for your build.

Rolling Chassis

Get a quote for a rolling & painted chassis, or even a complete “powered” chassis.

Body Swaps

Improve the drive experience of your classic car by doing a body swap.

Cost Saving

Simply put, our price is LESS. Check us out and find out how we bring you the best pricing on Art Morrison Chassis.


Our years of car building have given us plenty of experience that we enjoy sharing with our customers.


We often bundle chassis with engine, transmissions, etc.. to make complete rolling packages with great cost savings.


We offer complete, painted, rolling packages ready for you to place your body on.

The Build Process

Scroll through the images below to see what goes into building out an AME Chassis. Starting out with a bare metal chassis, the images show the assembly & paint process we offer.

Built on Art Morrison Chassis

Check out some of the awesome builds we’ve done that are all built on Art Morrison Chassis.


1956 F100 Body Swap

Art Morrison "GT Sport" chassis GM Performance 495hp LS3 engine


1964 Corvette Body Swap to Art Morrison Chassis

Art Morrison Chassis Gm Performance 495HP LS3 Bowler Transmissions TKO


1957 Chevy Gasser to ProTouring

Art Morrison Chassis GM Performance 495HP LS3 GM Tremec T56


1948 Chevy Fleetline

Art Morrison GT Sport Chassis


1955 Chevy Truck

Art Morrison GT Sport Chassis GM Performance small block Chevy

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