Speed Shop Part Sales

Speed Shop and Part Sales

Many years ago when building cars, we saw an opportunity to become dealers for the most common companies like Holley, Edelbrock, Art Morrison, etc… The challenge was being able to buy enough product in a single order to earn the rights to sell the brand ourselves. We would try and bundle the orders of several cars together to earn our “buy-in”, and do whatever it took to fill in the rest. We can honestly say it wasn’t easy. Today we have achieved all the buy-ins with the companies we believe in, and the products we trust and use daily.

One unique feature to our speed shop is that it is located in the assembly bay of our restoration facility. Quite often the parts you are looking for are being used in the vehicles we are putting together on a daily basis. Having a speed shop within a restoration shop makes for a great show and tell for our customers. Another nice thing is that our technicians love to share our experiences and give advice when asked. If you haven’t been to our facility yet… you really need to check it out!

Our experience with the parts and certain combinations of parts is extremely valuable. There are a lot of manufacturers offering similar products these days. Chances are pretty good that the parts you are looking for we have installed many times. It might just be that one brand is better than the other. Wouldn’t it be nice to buy the best one the first time? We think so.

Case Studies

Here’s just a taste of what we can do with our speed shop. Check it out!

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