Roadster Shop

Why buy your Roadster Shop chassis from MetalWorks?

Dependable performance is what we specialize in. As a classic car build shop we assemble these cars on a daily basis and understand the intricacies of a properly matched set of components for your application. Our experience allows us to ask the right questions of you to design the best possible chassis package for your application. When you call MetalWorks, you will be in touch with custom chassis experts.

Cost Saving

Looking for a cost effective solution to your poor handling hot rod? We will save you money with a Roadster Shop chassis package!


Our years of car building have given us plenty of experience that we enjoy sharing with our customers.


From bare steel to a complete painted, powered, & assembled rolling chassis, or somewhere in between.


We will ship anywhere in the U.S. or we can have your brand new chassis ready at the Speed Shop for you to pick up.

SPEC is our most popular Roadster Shop chassis series. Featuring a true BOLT-ON performance at an affordable price point.

Full Chassis starting at $10,495.

Featured Videos

Check out our awesome videos about Roadster Shop & cars built on a new Roadster Shop chassis.