The MetalWorks Team

The magic is all in our amazing team of top-level professionals, each with an unwavering passion for what we do. Here they are:

Jon Mannila

MetalWorks Founder & Owner

Da Boss.

Nelsa Mannila

Office Manager & Owner

Moma Bear.

Matt Powell


Keeping the chaos to a manageable level.

Dave Williams

Fab shop

Fabrication master...also known as ``the guy with all the old trucks``

Justin Morgan

Shop Manager

Keeping everything in order...got a question, ask Justin.

Ryan Barnes

Parts Sales

Need a part? Ryan's got your part.

Aaron Carnes


All around handy man.

Spencer Zieman

Parts Sales

When not busy helping Speed Shop customers, Spencer can tackle whatever the restoration shop throws at him.

Nick MacMath

Fabrication/Body Shop Technician

Tougher than garage door steel..

Cole Shepard

Business Operations Manager

Numbers ninja, and not bad with a wrench

Chadly Johnson


Teller of Tales

Tim Bridges


Mini Cooper mad man, and pretty darn good with metal fab too.

Randy Wells


Carrying on his family's tradition of classic cars & drag racing

Tony Lewis

Master Mechanic

Need something to run...Tony is your guy

Heath Johnson

Body Shop

Master of his craft with seemingly endless patience

Jeff Earnest

Body Shop

Massaging body panels to perfection on a daily basis

Join Our Team

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