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MetalWorks is the Pacific Northwest’s premier classic car restoration & speed shop, specializing in building and upgrading pro-touring and modern classics utilizing modern engines & updated chassis such as Art Morrison, Roadster Shop, and many other top manufacturers. We have the knowledge that only a high-end build shop can pass along to their customers, and we carry all the same brands and have the same or better pricing as the major online retailers. We install what we sell on a daily basis, and we ship our custom-built chassis packages to classic car enthusiasts across the United States. Our goal is to help you drive the classic car you love, and enjoy every second of the ride.

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The best 4 minutes you'll spend today if you are considering an Art Morrison chassis.

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Art Morrison 1967 – 1972 C10 truck chassis

1956 Chevy Nomad Resto-Mod

Body Swap…are you a candidate?

1968 Torino GT restoration: A full year build shown in 1 hour.

Body Swapped 1960 Corvette to Art Morrison Chassis

1964 Corvette Stingray build in 15 minutes!!!

GM Performance engines…which one is right for your classic car?

Video log of 1955 Chevy ProTouring build…step by step.


We’re not kidding around when we talk about only providing the best. Here are just a few of the top brands we associate with.