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MetalWorks is the Pacific Northwest’s premier classic car restoration & speed shop, specializing in building and upgrading pro-touring and modern classics utilizing modern engines & updated chassis such as Art Morrison, Roadster Shop, and many other top manufacturers. We have the knowledge that only a high-end build shop can pass along to their customers, and we carry all the same brands and have the same or better pricing as the major online retailers. We install what we sell on a daily basis, and we ship our custom-built chassis packages to classic car enthusiasts across the United States. Our goal is to help you drive the classic car you love, and enjoy every second of the ride.


Here are the current projects we're working on.

1954 Chevy Truck ProTouring

Art Morrison "GT Sport" chassis BOZE wheels Wilwood disc brakes


1963 Corvette Body Swap

Art Morrison "GT SPORT" chassis GM Performance LT1 engine Schott


1967 Pontiac GTO

Art Morrison "GT Sport" chassis Butler Performance engine


1956 Chevy Convertible “Real Deal Steel” Body

Art Morrison "GT Sport" chassis Wegner Motorsports supercharged LS engine


1957 Chevy Truck Resto-Mod

Art Morrison "GT Sport" chassis GM Performance LS3 engine Ultimate


ProTouring 1963 Buick Riviera

Art Morrison Chassis GM Performance LS7 Wilwood Disk Brakes Ultimate


1963 Lincoln Continental

GM Performance LSA Dakota Digital VHX Gauges Wegner Drive Kit


1955 Chevrolet Hardtop

Art Morrison IRS Chassis Wilwood Disk Brakes Wegner 427 LS


1959 ProTouring Corvette

Art Morrison Chassis Wegner Drive Kit Ron Davis Radiator Strange


1954 Chevy Belair ProTouring

Art Morrison GT Sport Chassis GM Performance LSA engine BOZE


1966 Mustang Fastback

Detroit Speed front & rear suspensions, mini-tubs


1967 Ford Mustang

HEIDTs suspension American Racing wheels Flowmaster mufflers


We love photos but we love videos even more and we've been producing some pretty great ones lately. Here are some featured videos you need to see!

The best 4 minutes you'll spend today if you are considering an Art Morrison chassis.

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SEMA Show 2021 (Tuesday)

It’s Tuesday, the official start of SEMA. Let’s head inside and take a look around.

SEMA Show 2021 (Monday)

SEMA was back for 2021 much to the delight of car enthusiast around the world. Let’s check out what the crew at MetalWorks found on Monday before the show officially opened.

Suicide Slab – MetalWorks 1963 Lincoln Continental build.

Lincoln Continentals are long and sleek, and grab the imagination of many car enthusiasts. Let’s take a quick look at our latest build in the form of this 63 Suicide Slab Continental. The Continental arrived at the shop mostly complete, which is critical due to the lack of reproduction parts for these highly sought after […]

Summer Highlights

It’s been a crazy summer. With dozens of projects in the shop right now, we’re working harder than ever before. With Fall’s arrival, that won’t change. But we do want to take this opportunity to look back at a few of our favorite projects from the summer that we think you’ll love too. Here are […]

A Look Into Daily Life at MetalWorks

FIRST LOOK at the new C10 chassis for 67-72 trucks by Art Morrison

Art Morrison 1967 – 1972 C10 truck chassis

1956 Chevy Nomad Resto-Mod


We’re not kidding around when we talk about only providing the best. Here are just a few of the top brands we associate with.