ProTouring 1959 Chevy Corvette Roadster on Art Morrison Chassis

Sadly we hear many horror stories from new customers when they find our shop. Such is the case with this “now” gorgeous 59 Corvette Roadster, but there is a long and expensive story behind the Chevy that lasted over 13 years. We will save the story for an upcoming magazine feature, but we will tell you it’s sad, and full of shady people, and untrustworthy shops. There is a happy end to the story as we were finally able to present our customer the restored Corvette of his dreams.

Here is how the 59 appeared as it arrived at the shop for a complete re-do.

The new Art Morrison chassis would serve as the new backbone for the Corvette’s dream build.

art morrison chassis 1959 corvette protouring build metalworks

art morrison chassis body swap 1959 corvette metalworks

Here is the chassis that was under the Corvette when it arrived.

We added rear wheel tubs to allow room for a much larger rear tire.

1959 corvette rear wheel tubs metalworks

We also removed the spare tire well.

Many additional body mods were preformed including: Smooth gas door that we moved to the taillight, hand built inner fenders, custom firewall, convertible top panel smoothed, dash mods, etc before the actual body work started.’

Long hours of body work to get the 59 into 2nd prime.

The Corvette in epoxy.

1959 corvette in epoxy metalworks oregon

Base coat:

Clear coat:

Cove in suede two tone:

Coated and assembled Art Morrison chassis with Forgeline wheels that we painted to match the cove of the Corvette.

art morrison chassis 1959 corvette forgeline wheels metalworks

1959 corvette art morrison chassis metalworks

Body on the Art Morrison chassis:

Finished and ready to deliver to our customer to FINALLY be enjoyed!! To see several hundred more build photos, click here: MetalWorks Classic Auto & Speed Shop 1959 ProTouring Corvette – MetalWorks Classic Auto Restoration & Speed Shop ( or to kick back and see all the same photos in a video slide show, click here: