Body Swaps

Body Swaps

The foundation of your classic car’s performance is the chassis. If you are not happy with your classic’s current level of driving performance, trust us, you are not alone.

Chances are if you are here, you are a fan of classic cars. You love the look of classic cars…the gorgeous styling, the lines, the chrome, and the freedom of the open road that they represent. Many people have incredible memories of what it was like to drive these cars “back in the day.”

Well flash forward a few decades and you are now accustomed to driving your modern car with all its fancy bells and whistles…heck, some models even drive themselves! Often when you jump in a classic car to go for a drive, you are disappointed in how it performs, the handling is sub-par at best, the acceleration is less than most modern 4 cylinders, and the braking is flat out dangerous.

If only there was a way to keep the classic looks but with upgraded driving and handling performance…well, a body swap might be ideal for you and your classic.

Another major benefit of a body swap is to upgrade your classic’s performance without the heavy cost of a complete restoration. If you are currently happy with your vehicle’s appearance there is no need for paint, upholstery, etc. We can take your current body and “swap” it onto a modern chassis. Essentially your classic will look the same as before it was body swapped, but there will be a radical difference in its performance when you drive it.

Body swaps are really the best of both worlds as you receive all the modern performance, but with a much lower price tag versus a full restoration. Curious? Have questions? See if your classic is a good candidate for a body swap, then give our team a call at 541-341-3372.

Check out some of our in-house body swap videos:


Check out the classic car body swap projects we've completed over the years.

1963 Corvette Body Swap

Art Morrison "GT SPORT" chassis GM Performance LT1 engine Schott


1956 F100 Body Swap

Art Morrison "GT Sport" chassis GM Performance 495hp LS3 engine


1964 Corvette Body Swap to Art Morrison Chassis

Art Morrison Chassis Gm Performance 495HP LS3 Bowler Transmissions TKO


1957 Chevy Gasser to ProTouring

Art Morrison Chassis GM Performance 495HP LS3 GM Tremec T56

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