Chassis Sales & Packages

Chassis Sales & Packages

At MetalWorks, our goal is to combine absolute excellence with the highest level of customer satisfaction. For that reason, we specialize in Art Morrison Chassis as we believe they are the very best in the industry. Our many years of experience working with Art Morrison Chassis and all the parts and the pieces involved in building the cars make us not just experts to provide you with the best possible service and product, we are also a resource regarding all things Art Morrison.

Below, you’ll find a number of different chassis that we have for sale ranging from truck models to corvettes. If you’re interested in starting a build, simply start an online quote or call us to chat about your ideas today. We’re excited by the prospect of having you as a part of the Art Morrison family!

Art Morrison 1955-59 Chevy Truck

Art Morrison C1 Corvette (1953-62)

Art Morrison C2 Corvette (63-67)

Art Morrison Builders Chassis

Art Morrison 1953-56 Ford F100 GT Sport Chassis

Roadster Shop 67-69 Camaro Chassis

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