Restoring a classic car is second nature for us here at the MetalWorks. It’s really just a simple process for us as we have done so many over the years. It is much like following the letters of the alphabet…you simply have to complete A before going to B, C, D, etc… Jumping around or skipping steps just causes extra labor time, poor results, and frustration.

Our shop is set up to have nice flow from one process to the next. We have designated work stations for each major stage of the restoration. The fabrication shop is used for disassembly, metal repairs, and heavy mechanics. The body shop is used for bodywork, blocking, and prepping for the paint process. The paint shop is used for priming and final finishes on the cars. The assembly bays are used for final assembly, fine mechanics, electrical, and a little showing off. One of the main reasons for these designated areas is to control the work atmosphere. You certainly do not want all the dust from the body shop, or the fumes, sparks, and dirt from the fab shop mixing with the final products.

Car restoration to us is quite simple, take the car apart, make all parts perfect, and put it back together again…we’ve done it for years, and we still love turning people’s dreams into reality every day.

Case Studies

These cars were in need of a little TLC. We think they turned out pretty sweet.
orange 1955 pro touring art morrison chassis ls9 supercharged metalworks
Finished photos of our1955 Chevy pro touring build running an Art Morrison chassis and a supercharged LS9 engine MetalWorks
1968 pontiac gto pro touring art morrison metalworks eugene oregon
Finished photos of our pro touring 1968 Pontiac GTO build MetalWorks
1972 chevy cheyenne pick supercharged lsa ls conversion chevrolet truck metalworks
Our supercharged LSA powered 1972 Chevy truck build. MetalWorks

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