Pro Touring Builds

Everyone loves the “look” of vintage muscle cars, but the reality is these cars now lack severely in areas such as handling, braking, and creature comforts when compared to the modern muscle cars people are accustomed to driving today. So we are often faced with the question, “Can you make my vintage muscle car drive like my new car?” The answer is yes. It comes in the form of a Pro Touring build.

We can upgrade every aspect of your car’s performance without altering its classic good looks. With the right combination of performance upgrades, your old high school pride and joy can perform as well as your new late-model muscle car. We can upgrade steering, braking, suspension, and modern comforts such as air conditioners, touch screen stereos, and back up cameras. We utilize new GM Performance engines that are the exact same units found in new Camaros and Corvettes. These modern engines have amazing power with worry-free reliability, and surprising fuel economy.

The end results will transform your vintage ride into a modern driving dream. It’s called Pro Touring… let us build your dream.

Case Studies

These vintage rides got tricked out with all the latest equipment. Take a look at their new features!

white 1965 Ford mustang dse detroit speed forgeline metalworks oregon
Our 1965 Ford mustang fastback build running Detroit Speed suspension, Wilwood disc brakes, MSD fuel injection, and Forgeline wheels MetalWorks
1956 chevy belair dakota digital gauges metalworks
Dakota Digital gauges in our 1956 Chevy Belair build MetalWorks

Time for an Upgrade?

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