1956 ford f100 truck finished photos metalworks speedshop oregon

“Body Swapped” 1956 Ford f100 truck to Art Morrison chassis.

This family heirloom went from idle to a highway cruiser after we performed a body swap onto an Art Morrison chassis and dropped in a 495hp LS3. Check out our finished build video we shot on the gorgeous Oregon coast as well as some build photos below. https://youtu.be/1qbWw_aZUUI
1967 ford mustang california special finished photos metalworks speedshop oregon

1967 “California Special” Ford Mustang full build in 43 minutes.

  Sit back and watch the crew at MetalWorks transform this 1967 Mustang in a modern street cruiser.   https://youtu.be/9IdPoujQVJE

1968 Torino GT restoration: A full year build shown in 1 hour.

sema 2018 metalworks seama las vegas metalworks speedshop

SEMA 2018: MetalWorks takes in Wednesday’s indoor action…come take a look!

We spent Tuesday indoors at SEMA, but only saw a fraction of what was on hand...come along with us on day two of SEMA 2018 indoors for more automotive action!!
2017 grand national roadster show pomona california metalworks oregon

MetalWorks attends the 2017 Grand National Roadster Show

The Grand National Roadster Show has earned the title "The Grand Daddy of Them All," and we can certainly see why.  The event is stuffed inside 9 buildings on the Pomona fairplex along with a massive outdoor show area.  We put on our walking shoes and did our best to cover it all, we hope you enjoy a small peek…
1965 lincoln continental metalworks eugene oregon

Lucas Lambert’s MetalWorks built 1965 Lincoln Continental

Many car enthusiasts were influenced by automobiles at a very young age, often at an unconscious level…but something left an impression that led to a future obsession.  Lucas Lambert has his Grandfather’s car dealership and car collection to blame…or thank for his “need” of automobiles.  Lucas recalls of all the cars that came and went, there was always a long…
trucks of sema 2016 utility box truck metalworks

Trucks of SEMA 2016

Trucks have always been popular, and their presence was very strong at this year's SEMA 2016 show.  Here are some that we snapped photos of...which one is your favorite?   Trucks are often the work horses of hot rod and restoration shops, and often take on custom features themselves to show off the shop's talent.  Other trucks lived hard lives…
sema 2016 recap las vegas hot rods muclecars metalworks oregon

MetalWorks attends SEMA 2016

Las Vegas was buzzing again for the SEMA 2016 show, and we were on hand taking in all the action.  Every year the SEMA show offers up the latest in automotive technologies and products, along with the hottest builds.   Here is a recap of some of the builds that stood out to us, or cars that simply grabbed out…

MetalWorks Pro Touring 1965 Mustang Fastback

There is no bitter of a rivalry between auto enthusiasts than that of Ford vs Chevy…both sides have dug in their heels, and rarely allow the other an ounce of give or take. When our team at MetalWorks finished the fastback you see before you we had several of their most hardcore Chevy clients stop by, bow their heads, and…

Take a peek at our trip to the 2016 Meltdown Drags…nostalgia drags at their best.

In only 7 years time the Meltdown Drags held at historic Byron Dragway in Byron, Illinois has grown into a massive event. In fact, over 500+ nostalgic drag cars from 42 States battled it out at this year in front of a crowd that set an attendance record held since 1964. One of the most amazing features about the 500+…