They took my money and never worked on my car for 3 years!!!

At MetalWorks, we sometimes feel like an orphanage for car builds due to the number of unfinished projects that we have taken in over the years. Each of these cars has come with a horror story of how the shop restoring the car was taking payment, but not actually working on the vehicle, or working on it “just enough” to keep the customer on the hook. Unfortunately there are shady restoration shops out there that talk a good talk, but fall tragically short in walking the walk when it comes to restoring someone’s dream car.


It seems that most shops expect their client’s to “trust” that they are working on their vehicle and that the work is of quality. Non local customer’s are to blindly send money, sometimes for years, without seeing any real results beyond the promises of the smooth talking shop owner. At MetalWorks, we take a much different approach. Each build through our shop is heavily documented from the day of arrival to driving out the the door as a finished restoration. Our customer’s can see the progress on their cars and see exactly where their money is being spent. Many of our customer’s find this to be one of the most fun features of having a car restored, and love sharing the images posted to our website with family and friends who can share in watching the restoration process take place.

Below is a tiny peek into the what it looks like to see your vehicle documented on our website through its restoration:

Arrival at the shop

The tear down process in prep for acid dip.

Post acid dip.

Metal work in the fab shop.

Engine rebuild.

Suspension restoration or upgrades.

Mechanical mock up into a roller.

Body work through undercoat and paint.



Each restoration that goes through our shop has over 1000+ images posted on our website showing the depth and quality of the restoration. If you are looking for a shop you can trust and literally watch your dream car come to life…give us a call, or stop by and see us in person.