Detroit Speed

Why buy your Detroit Speed Setup from us?

As a build shop we install a great deal of Detroit Speed suspensions in our projects. Honestly we feel they are one of the best, if not ``the`` best suspension you can put under your car. When we test drive vehicles after an install we get the sensation of driving a go cart as the ride is so responsive. Give us a call today to talk with an actual hot rod builder, not a salesman.

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Cost Saving

Simply put, our price is LESS. Check us out and find out how we bring you the best pricing on Detroit Speed


Some suspension systems require more extensive body modifications than others. We have performed many of them ourselves, so call us for details if you plan on installing Detroit Speed equipment yourself.


Modern performance handling crated and shipped to your door.


Assembly instructions are included. Some kits are bolt on, some require further modifications. Please call us for more information.

Take Your Classic to the Next Level

Scroll through the images below for a look at a few of the suspension kits that DSE offers.

Built on a new Detroit Speed Suspension Setup

Here are some of the awesome builds we've done that were all built on a Detroit Speed Suspension Setup

1968 Pro Touring Chevy Camaro

Detroit Speed suspension Detroit Speed mini-tubs Detroit Speed frame connectors

Featured Videos

Here are some awesome videos of cars built on a new Chassis or Suspension Setup by Art Morrison, Roadster Shop, or Detroit Speed.

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