MetalWorks Custom 6.0L Iron Block LS Engines

with 4L70E transmission *plus shipping

At 485hp it’s more horsepower than a GM Performance 430hp LS3 for thousands of dollars less.

Features include:

  • GM LS 364 / 452 HP 6.0L
  • 4L70E transmission
  • Holley mid mount accessory drive
  • Edelbrock Pro Flo 4
  • Holley LS oil pan
  • Edelbrock valley pan
  • Holley “Chevrolet” valve covers
  • LS3 coil set
  • GM LS coil harness
  • Quick shift control with harness
  • Edelbrock reluctor harness
  • AC Delco spark plugs
  • GM cam sensor
  • GM crank sensor
  • AC Delco plug wire set
  • Air bleed plugs
  • Intake manifold bolts (short)
  • Coolant crossover
  • Intake manifold bolts (long)
  • Coolant temp sensor
  • PCV
  • 8 hours labor for assembly

MetalWorks 6.0L Engines

Dyno run at 485hp