MetalWorks Custom 6.0L Iron Block LS Engines

with 4L70E transmission *plus shipping

At 485HP, it’s a more powerful package than a GM Performance 430hp LS3 Connect & Cruise for thousands of dollars less.

Features include:

  • GM LS 364 / 6.0L Long Block Crate Engine
  • 4L70E transmission w/torque converter
  • Edelbrock Pro Flo 4 EFI System
  • US Shift Quick shift transmission control with harness
  • Holley mid mount accessory drive kit (raw)
  • Holley “Chevrolet” Script Polished valve covers
  • Holley LS oil pan
  • Modified ICT Billet valley pan w/oil fill cap
  • LS3 ignition coil set
  • GM LS coil harness
  • AC Delco spark plugs
  • AC Delco plug wire set
  • Air bleed plugs
  • Coolant crossover air bleed plumbing
  • Intake manifold bolts (long)
  • Intake manifold bolts (short)
  • Edelbrock reluctor harness
  • GM cam sensor
  • GM crank sensor
  • Coolant temp sensor
  • PCV
  • Assembly of above components on engine

Engine Package comes raw & unpainted. Custom paint/finish work available at an additional charge to the package price.

Air Filter Assembly of your choice not included in package price. Engine stands not included. Crating and shipping fees not included,  and will be an additional charge to the package price.

MetalWorks 6.0L Engines

Dyno run at 485hp