1937 Willys Coupe

Project Description:

This 1937 Willys coupe received a stock restoration after sitting since the 1960s. This one family owned survivor coupe still retains its original engine & transmission. We performed an OEM restoration with subtle upgrades like the leather interior. Gassers are great, but we had fun restoring this one to factory fresh.

Assembling the rebuilt engine.  The original block and head were both able to be salvaged.

Tearing down the Willy’s spare engine for various components to be used on the original engine.

We located another correct 1937 engine that had been used to power a generator for decades.   It ran great, but we noticed the head was weeping coolant.  We hot tanked the head, and found previous work had been performed on it.  We are now planning to use a portion of this head to fix the factory head with the large hole in it.  The spare engine will be a great source for parts.

The family still had the Willy’s original engine that was replaced with a military surplus Jeep engine.  The hope was to save the original #s matching engine, but we quickly saw the block was cracked, and the head had a massive hole in it.  We tore the engine down and had the block hot tanked, and began the search for possible replacement engine.

Here we took the coupe’s loose components from metal work to paint.  It was decided to add running boards as they were a factory option, we were able to source an original set from a collector.

We shot the fenders in “tinted” sealer, then coats of paint..we also sprayed the underside of the hood in a “tinted” undercoating.

Body work continues with sanding off guide coats with finer and finer sandpaper until the body is ready for paint.  We also test fit the beautiful set of running boards we were able to source out.

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