1970 Z28 Chevy Camaro

Project Description:

This RS Z28 was originally purchased at Cormier Chevrolet in Encino, CA and has always been a California car.  It had been parked since 1995 when a friend of the current owner spotted it on Craigslist.  After a verification that the camaro was in fact a #s matching car (including the solid lifter LT1 engine) it was scooped up.  Due to the location of where it was found in Ramona, CA the camaro has adopted the nickname of “Moana.”

We are very excited to be performing a stock restoration on this amazing survivor.

Dynamat and headliner installed…assembly work continues.

Welded up extra holes in the factory air cleaner, and put the original wheels in to paint.

After the LT1 was rebuilt we ran it on our engine stand to break in the flat tappet cam before painting and assembly.

We body worked the camaro, then tore the body back down in preparation for 1st prime.

We repaired the passenger side quarter panel, and mocked up the replacement driver’s quarter after removing the original.

We began the tear down on the camaro, and pulled the engine…looking like a really great car.

Project Details

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