1937 willys coupe restoration blog metalworks oregon

Post restoration follow up of our 1937 Willys coupe.

If you haven't read our previous BLOG post on our 1937 Willys coupe restoration, please do as it gives the coupe's amazing history and shows it in "un-restored" condition as well as incredible historical images.  I wanted to do a follow up post to showcase some images of the now "restored" coupe.          
1938 oldsmobile restoration metalworks oregon

Family jewel 1938 Oldsmobile

I love hearing stories of vehicles that have been with a family for decades.  The tales of multiple generations enjoying road trips and vacations, along with thousands of miles of cruising are golden.  The story of the beautiful 1938 Oldsmobile you see gracing these pages is just such a tale. Way back in 1938 Grover Stanton and his two sisters…
portland roadster show 2017 riddler award winner metalworks

MetalWorks attends the 61st annual Portland Roadster Show 2017

We had the honor of displaying our 1955 Chevy and 1968 Camaro ProTouring builds that the 61st annual Portland Roadster Show.  If you were able to attend the show you were in for a real treat, if not, you can still get a taste of the event from a handful of images we snapped while wondering the show plex.  …
1937 willys coupe restoration metalworks oregon

MetalWorks Restoration of Sheridan Hale’s 1937 Willys Coupe

The bone stock, survivor, Willys coupe you see before you could weaken the knees of nearly every hot rodder on planet earth.  Willys coupes dominated the Gasser Wars of the late 1950s and early 60s.  The coupe’s small, light weight bodies made for perfect drag cars, and the vast majority were converted into nose high, straight axle, drag strip warriors.…
2017 grand national roadster show pomona california metalworks oregon

MetalWorks attends the 2017 Grand National Roadster Show

The Grand National Roadster Show has earned the title "The Grand Daddy of Them All," and we can certainly see why.  The event is stuffed inside 9 buildings on the Pomona fairplex along with a massive outdoor show area.  We put on our walking shoes and did our best to cover it all, we hope you enjoy a small peek…
1967 chevy chevelle convertible protouring metalworks oregon

Jerry’s 1967 Chevelle transformed from Street Car to ProTouring

Take a good look at this 67 Chevelle…pretty nice huh?  One would assume this beauty would be leaving a restoration shop, not arriving at one...but this is exactly how the 67 appeared when it arrived at MetalWorks Classics in Eugene, Oregon for a radical transformation.  You may be a bit confused, as was I when the sharp looking Chevelle arrived,…
art morrison chassis metalworks speed shop eugene oregon

A day at Art Morrison Enterprises with MetalWorks

At MetalWorks we pride ourselves in being the largest Art Morrison chassis dealer in America, but beyond that we cherish the deep working relationship we have developed with the crew at AME.  Come tag along with us as we take a closer look inside the facility that we feel produces the absolute crown jewel in chassis performance for your classic…
1957 chevy art morrision black foose metalworks

Bob and Barb Mullin’s 1957 Chevy restoration by MetalWorks

I love telling the story behind classic cars and their owners.  Over the years I’ve spun many a tale, and a reoccurring theme I have found is the tendency for classic car owners to hold onto their cars for years…unlike our current era of disposable cars.  Bob and Barb Mullins have a pair of classics they have held onto for…
1965 lincoln continental metalworks eugene oregon

Lucas Lambert’s MetalWorks built 1965 Lincoln Continental

Many car enthusiasts were influenced by automobiles at a very young age, often at an unconscious level…but something left an impression that led to a future obsession.  Lucas Lambert has his Grandfather’s car dealership and car collection to blame…or thank for his “need” of automobiles.  Lucas recalls of all the cars that came and went, there was always a long…
1969 chevy camaro protouring metalworks eugene oregon

Jason Friedman’s MetalWorks built 1969 Pro Touring Camaro

     If you were a lawn mower in Jason Friedman’s neighborhood as a young boy, you would have lived in fear of being torn to pieces by a young man curious of all things mechanical.  This is probably a common story for many of us who started out our car hobbies by tearing down and modifying everything from bicycles,…