MetalWorks attends SEMA 2017

Massive, amazing, and diverse is a good way to sum up SEMA.  At MetalWorks we stay on the cutting edge of technology for your classic car, and attending SEMA plays a big roll in doing that.  We hope you enjoy some of the images and videos captured this year.

This Chevy camper was pure eye candy…




sema 2017 metalworks



This 69 ProTouring camaro was clean!!


sema 2017 metalworks oregon
Tons of amazing trucks on display. MetalWorks





sema 2017 metalworks
Hard to pick which one to take home. MetalWorks








sema 2017 metalworks
We had sore feet from looking at all the cars outside, and we haven’t even gotten inside the buildings!! MetalWorks











A tiny taste of what lies ahead indoor…check back soon. MetalWorks